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Campden General Store is in a hamlet surrounded by wineries and agricultural farms along the Twenty Valley Region. The store is an embodiment of the origins of the past as a traditional gathering place for residents of the village. We aim to highlight its evolution and share it to residents and visitors passing by to welcome you as you STAY.EAT.SHOP....


We are committed to providing an elevated dining, shopping and  boutique inn experience that celebrates Campden's unique small-town charm.

Campden General Store is...

A space that family and friends can enjoy and share with the rest of the world.

A self-sustaining ecosystem where every person who visits will get to experience a journey to take home.

An opportunity to highlight this community and its relaxed neighborhood, promoting tourism in its amazing landscape surrounded by wineries and agricultural farms. 

A champion for local artisans and a partner to small businesses by showcasing the best of what Niagara region has to offer.

A chance to give back to our roots and honor our heritage by highlighting the most unique products made by local tribes and communities.

A self-sustaining STAY, EAT & SHOP ecosystem!


Where convenience meets comfort! Cocoon yourself in relaxed luxury with our exquisite suites located right above the building. Our stays are tailored to suit every guest's needs, whether you're here for a corporate retreat, leisurely tourism, or visiting loved ones in the area. Our suites are meticulously designed to offer a haven of comfort and sophistication for all occasions. Whether it's business or pleasure, make your stay memorable with us. Discover the unique small-town charm of Lincoln, Ontario by booking with Comfort Home Stays today!

We are happy to host any type of private event, from business meetings in our newly refurbished Conference Room, to bridal showers and birthdays with our Afternoon & High Tea. Contact us to plan your next gathering and let us take care of the rest.


Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 11-04-02 Campden General Store (_campdengeneralstore) • Instagram
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 11-04-02 Campden General Store (_campdengeneralstore) • Instagram
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 11-04-27 Campden General Store (_campdengeneralstore) • Instagram


At CampdenEATS, we are excited to provide more food selections for our patrons and a place for the community. Whether you are on the go or have some time to spare, this place is for you!


Click here for the CampdenEATS menu!

Click here for our Afternoon & High Tea offerings!

All-Canadian Candies and Treats

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Comfort Home Collections was born in order to sustain the provisions required from our guests’ accommodations. These products were carefully selected and crafted with practicality and comfort in mind for our guests to experience.

As such, these products are also available to take home as they pleased. We want our guests to expand their idea about “souvenirs” from their travels to transcend and extend into their homes whether it is about food, a book or home accessories. We are also extending this to our customers locally and making it available online for those who are looking to spruce up their homes or furnishing an accommodation either for themselves or for their guests.

As a way to give back in the community development. we will be collaborating and partnering with artisans within the Niagara Region and various communities in the Philippines keeping in mind its impact to environment and social aspects in general. These products need to see the light of day as it is created with passion from heritage and labour of love.


This store is a testament to a number of small steps I have taken in order to get here. 

I am Filipino-Canadian. Born and raised in the Philippines. Moved to the US and eventually to Canada with my familly and have worked as an IT Consultant ever since. If you think I had it easy, the answer is a resounding NO.

In doing so, I have found my passion in practical home designing, decorating and hosting.I remembered a time when I wanted to design and decorate a room in our house but "tatay" puts me back into reality as to why it cannot be done at that point. We would always host for family and friends preparing food and a place to relax during All Souls Day because of our proximity to cemeteries. It sounds funny thinking about it now but these moments made me who and what I am today.

For Campden General Store, I would like to think of it as a beginning of a new chapter...

One that I look forward to sharing with you!


My mother, Lily, is an epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit. I watched her dabble into different kinds of businesses from selling fishes in the market, buy and sell poultry supplies, even got her hands into putting up her own "carinderia" where she sells freshly prepared dishes that even had a karaoke at some point. I watched her on the sidelines do all of these things because she wanted me to get a good education and that I did. These observations are what I carry up to this day. 

Over time, I have trained myself to find opportunities amidst challenges from asking the nuns in Montessori in Cleveland OH for a free tuition in exchange of creating a donor system for the school; to getting into real estate investing particularly student rental properties so that our kids can live comfortably while in school and turning these units into short term rentals as a way to adapt and survive the challenges brought by the pandemic.

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